Divided by God, Destroyed by Aliens

In most alien invasion movies, the Invaders arrive in giant spaceships that are far superior to any aircraft we’ve created. They have weapons that can destroy vast amounts of territories with one surge.

And most importantly, they share a common goal: destroy humanity.

We somehow discover their weakness and prevail over them with our primitive technology because that’s the one thing humans can do when we’re up against the wall, even against a species far superior to our own — we unite, and we win.

But that type of shit is only for movies and books.

If we were invaded by a superior species, they would annihilate us based on one simple, yet effective advantage they have that we don’t… a collective consciousness.

God Wants Us to Be Divided

Let’s start with old, Biblical tale of the Tower of Babel to give us some insight into why we don’t have this sort of unity, at least not anymore.

Supposedly after The Flood, everyone in the world spoke the same language and decided to work together and build a tower tall enough to reach Heaven. Once construction began, God dropped by to see what they were doing and got upset at what He saw.

The story declares that God was displeased at the unity of people and said, “indeed the people are one and they all have one language, and this is what they begin to do; now nothing that they propose to do will be withheld from them.”

In turn, He confused their languages so they couldn’t understand each other and they could no longer work together. Ultimately, the project failed and everyone scattered across the earth, dividing themselves by the languages they spoke.

Imagine that, there was a point in time where we had a collective consciousness through a shared language. It would’ve been interesting to know what that language was and how it sounded. It couldn’t have been worse than the vocal fry and uptalk we hear today; that alone would’ve caused a divide without God interfering.

Regardless, we were once united and worked towards a common goal until our Creator shut it down.

So by God’s standard, we have to be divided because when we’re united, nothing good comes of it.

The Invaders never had a Supreme Being to separate or prevent them from sharing a common bond. Whatever planet they came from, they were allowed to unify, create advanced and sophisticated technology that gave them the ability to explore interstellar space, and conquer lesser developed civilizations (especially the the ones divided by their God).

Whatever planet The Invaders came from didn’t cause them to have genetic variations during their evolution either. Whether they’re spider-looking creatures with tentacles protruding from every crevice of their shells or humanoids that aren’t that much different from us, they pretty much look the same.

It’s much easier to share a common bond with people who look like you, so their evolution nailed it on both the physical and mental aspects. And because of that, it was easier for the Invaders to form a shared consciousness that allowed them all to be on the same page in terms of thought.

But we’re supposed to be such a special creation in the universe — why did God prevent us from having a united evolution?

Let’s take a moment and compare ourselves against The Invaders, taking God out of the equation.

As far as we know of our beginnings (from an evolutionary-scientific perspective), we all looked the same and started out from the same place but left the environment we resided in; partly based in curiosity, although depletion of resources was most likely the driving factor.

We started spreading out across the globe, which caused genetic variations and mutations that made some skin lighter, some darker, some hair curly, some straight, some eyes brown, some blue, and countless other changes that caused even more division based on physical characteristics alone.

Many generations passed and cultures and civilizations formed based on appearances and beliefs, and the only shared consciousness was within the members of the group.

Those groups used the environmental elements at their disposal to make weapons (in case of Human Invaders), items for trade with other groups (to make friends with Human Invaders), and vessels for travel (to be Human Invaders).

We put those weapons and vessels to use, venturing to ‘new’ lands and conquered those territories and the natives who resided there, mostly by war and genocide.

Though we were connected to them, so much time had passed that they were foreigners now. Their looks, language, and culture was different, so they may as well have been from another world. We continued to divide, conquer, and expand and with each expansion came another division.

Now here we are in the 21st century, nearing planetary capacity, with billions of people on the planet that still look different, believe different things, and despise each other for the many physical, political, social, cultural, religious, and countless other ways we’ve devised to segregate ourselves from one another.

Even with God out of it, it’s still a very dismal progression of our species.

It seems that it’s in our nature to be divided; maybe it’s not God after all.

Just like those who believe the Tower of Babel story is the truth as to why people are partitioned throughout the world, we’ve seen many cultures use their idea of God to commit and justify many historical atrocities. We’re still seeing it used in the name of terrorism, oppression, and the denial of basic human rights.

Doomed to Irony

If our species continues in the direction it’s going, we won’t see any sort of Alien Invaders because we’ll destroy ourselves first. By the time they arrive, they can study our remains, if there are any, and see how our differences led to our downfall.

Stephen Hawking believes that we’ll destroy the Earth in the next century or so due to our careless behavior with technology and depletion of the planet’s resources. But, he’s optimistic in thinking that we’ll have expanded beyond Earth to form new civilizations on other planets, so the human race has a chance that it won’t face complete extinction.

If that’s the case, after a few million years on those other worlds, will those other-worldly humans have continued the destructive traditions among themselves as were done here on our planet? Will enough time pass that they’ll have forgotten the little blue rock that their ancestors came from long ago and wonder if life exists elsewhere in the universe?

If so, they’ll use their technology to search for clues of other life, oblivious to the fact that they’re the descendants of the life they’re searching for.

And when they find that blue planet, if there’s anyone there, they’ll be ripe for the conquering.

God willing.



I have to live this kind of life, to write the things I need to write.

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C. Seals

I have to live this kind of life, to write the things I need to write.