Some White people can’t resist doing it, because they don’t have to

The real Lionel Richie. My former co-worker’s father donned the same look, but in blackface.

“My Dad dressed up like Lionel Richie once,” a former co-worker told me as we sat in front of our computers at an open work desk. “Check your Facebook.”

I browsed to my Facebook page and saw that he’d tagged me in a photo: A closeup of his father dressed…

As imagined by people who believe this crap.

President Lyndon B. Johnson Signs 1968 Civil Rights Act, Courtesy of .

When President Lyndon Johnson signed the of the on April 11, 1968, systemic racism officially ended.

President Johnson, who was to use racial slurs when referring to Black people, even calling the 1957 Civil Rights Act “the nigger bill,” put aside his racist…

We’re either the hottest or we don’t exist

Photo: Can Stock Photo / lunamarina

L ast summer, a widely circulated after posing a question about Hollywood pop culture:

Scrolling through the replies, it wasn’t surprising that most responses were White actors. When I took it upon myself to the lack of diversity in the replies, the here’s-an-exception people arrived…

MLK DAY 2021

It’s time for us to decide how, and where, we want to go

Photo by csp85490221 at © Can Stock Photo

Our human family, the only species of humans on this planet, is a very social, yet tribal one.

The diversity of our appearances and cultures makes it easier to segregate from each other, something we’ve done since our individual awareness of self and those around us. With this awareness…

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What Do They Mean?

Dream #1, Summer 2016:

Washington, D. C. 2016. Post-Presidential Inauguration Ceremony.

I’m sitting by myself on a row of aluminum bleachers, watching newspapers and small pieces of trash float along the empty street where the ceremony was held.

In front of the bleachers stands Trump: He’s wearing a long, black coat that’s blowing in…

C. Seals

I have to live this kind of life, to write the things I need to write.

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