Why policing in America is rotten to the core

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Consider this hypothetical scenario: You’ve got a box full of apples. The majority of them, say 65, are ripe. But there’s also another 35 that are rotten. Unfortunately for you, there’s only one box and you’re transporting them on a very long road trip, so you have to keep all of the apples together.

You’re so happy that you have more ripe apples in the box; you don’t even think about the rotten ones.

Somewhere along the way, though, you notice a pungent odor coming from the decaying fruit.

You take a moment to check the box and see that…

A beautiful human journey

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The skin color that helped us survive in the harsh climate of our human origins is now the color that hinders our survival in the modern world.

When I started writing this I thought of the many experiences I’ve had being a Black boy growing up in the South, then as a Black man that has traveled to many parts of the world while existing in White spaces, Black spaces, multi-cultural spaces, universities, corporations, and so on.

I wondered how many of those experiences I should share. Most of us Black folks who’ve existed in those spaces have the same…

MLK DAY 2021

It’s time for us to decide how, and where, we want to go

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Our human family, the only surviving species of humans on this planet, is a very social, yet tribal one.

The diversity of our appearances and cultures makes it easier to segregate from each other, something we’ve done since our individual awareness of self and those around us. With this awareness came the ability to categorize others as inferior, superior, or equal to oneself, and create social standards that determine their status and worth to society.

We’re also a species of grand ideas, many that have moved human civilization forward in many aspects but have also continued to enforce a social…

Suffering a Human Condition Despite Inhumanity

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When I learned that Martin Luther King Jr. suffered from depression throughout his life, starting with his childhood when he tried to commit suicide by leaping from the second story window of his house, he became more human to me, a relatable figure beneath the extraordinary and untouchable civil rights icon.

As a child, I had the same thoughts about Jesus after hearing religious leaders explain that he showed his ‘human side’ when he wept at the tomb of His friend Lazarus before resurrecting him from the dead.

Nowadays many athletes and entertainers speak openly about their struggles with mental…

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What Do They Mean?

Dream #1, Summer 2016:

Washington, D. C. 2016. Post-Presidential Inauguration Ceremony.

I’m sitting by myself on a row of aluminum bleachers, watching newspapers and small pieces of trash float along the empty street where the ceremony was held.

In front of the bleachers stands Trump: He’s wearing a long, black coat that’s blowing in the wind like a cape over his trademark suit and red tie. His hands are in the coat pockets and his head is titled backwards a bit as he gazes into the distance. He almost looks heroic.

I hop down from the bleachers and approach him. I felt as though…

And Their One Good Story

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II recently saw a Twitter thread where someone asked if their followers would deactivate their Twitter accounts if Trump loses the election.

Many of them said they would because they’d feel like their job was done.

One guy in particular, who’d racked up over ten-thousand followers since 2016, stood out to me more than everyone else. He’d written a series of tweets explaining that he hadn’t paid much attention to the news or social media prior to Trump becoming President.

After watching society spiral into social and racial chaos after Trump took office, he decided to create a Twitter account…

(Devereaux Peters, Forward for the Washington Mystics)

Devereaux Peters wrote a great Twitter thread explaining why she stopped accepting challenges from guys who think they can beat her in a game of one-on-one simply because she’s a woman.

Not only did she explain how she remains undefeated, but also exposed the fragile male egos that believe they can dominate professional women of skill based solely on their gender. …

A friend posted a video on Facebook of a drunk, older White man pushing a Black teenager off of his skateboard as he cruised by.

The teen confronted the older man, who quickly chest-shoved the kid and threw a drunken punch that he easily dodged. The man then picked up the teen’s skateboard and threw it on the ground while continuing his intoxicated rant, then called the police on his outdated flip phone.

Two policemen showed up minutes later and arrested the man.

“Maybe he’s just an asshole who’s tired of kids skateboarding on the sidewalk,” was the comment from…

Kelly Rowland, caption from music video ‘We Can Do It.’

Sometimes I’m glad when I’m wrong.

On December 12, 2017, I sat at my office desk and watched the Doug Jones/Roy Moore election numbers trickle in. In the beginning, Roy Moore took the lead and it seemed like he had it in the bag.

Not long before, I’d written an article detailing why I believed Moore would win, having grown up in Alabama and knowing that it’s always (Republican) politics over people. …

A friend once told me that an education is like an erection — when you have one, it’s obvious.

It really is like having a bulge in your pants that no one notices until they look down.

Depending on who you are, people will look down on you before they realize that you speak differently than they expected or you a possess certain intellect and knowledge beyond their expectations.

Their eyes may widen or their mouths may drop open once you’ve shattered their prejudgment about you with that educational tent you’re pitching.

The more knowledge you seek and continue to…

C. Seals

I have to live this kind of life, to write the things I need to write.

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